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My latest book, The Long Road to Revolution, is the story of the pivotal events in colonial America leading to the outbreak of the American Revolution. This book includes  well-known events, such as the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the first shots at Lexington and Concord. Other tea parties, incidents of tarring and feathering, and rioting are described. Rivalries between the colonial powers--England, France, and Spain--and the consequences for the American colonists are detailed.

In addition, the impact of pirates such as Blackbeard in the early 1700s is discussed. There is also a wealth of information about the Indians during this time period. This book covers many famous American patriots such as Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington. It also includes the viewpoints of the Loyalists or Tories and the British soldiers stationed in the colonies.

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Did you know that German Hessians were more than a quarter of the troops sent by the British to fight in America, that most of them were not mercenaries, and that many stayed in America after the war? The Hessians and the American Revolution, available as an ebook, describes all of that as well as the major battles that the Hessians participated in and their important role in the Revolutionary War. Fascinating facts about the Hessians and those they were involved with are highlighted.

There are individual stories about many of the Hessians and what happened to them after the war. The impact of these troops on American culture is discussed.

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Another ebook by Daniel Grimes is Braddock's Defeat: George Washington and the French and Indian War.
This is the story of one of the biggest Indian victories in the history of North America. The French and many different Indian tribes decisively defeated a much larger British army led by General Edward Braddock in 1755 in western Pennsylvania, during the French and Indian War. Among the British ranks was a young officer from Virginia named George Washington. In this war Washington gained valuable military experience,
which would later enable him to become commander-in-chief of the American army against England in the Revolutionary War. Famous people such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Gage, and Daniel Boone--all involved with the Braddock Expedition--would be changed forever and would distinguish themselves further in the decades to come.

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Still another ebook is The Irish Who Fought for Mexico: The San Patricio Battalion in the Mexican-American War. During the Mexican-American War, when the United States wanted to expand, hundreds of Irish and other immigrant soldiers decided to fight on the Mexican side.  Known as the San Patricio Battalion, they fought in the important battles of Monterrey, Buena Vista, Cerro Gordo, and Churubusco. 
The San Patricios were among the
fiercest and most determined soldiers in the Mexican Army, fully committed to their newly adopted country.  As a result, the San Patricios hold a highly respected place in Mexican history.  This is their story.

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The first sports history book by Daniel Grimes is Ten-Cent Beer Night and the 1974 Baseball Season. Ten-Cent Beer Night in Cleveland on June 4, 1974, was a promotion — at a Cleveland Indians vs. Texas Rangers game — that led to the biggest riot by spectators in the history of sporting events in North America.
The 1974 baseball season was significant for many other events as well. In that year, Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's all-time home run record, the Oakland A's went for their third World Series title in a row, Tommy John surgery was performed for the first time, and the fiery Billy Martin set out to turn the Texas Rangers into a winning team. This was a pivotal period in baseball history where old-school and modern baseball collided.

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